Messages for Parents


Happy New Year to all!

The first topic theme this term will be ‘Weather’. Our activities will include: using instruments that sound like rain or thunder. We will make shakers that make rain noises, e.g. beans or rice in a tin. We will learn songs such as ‘Rain is Falling Down’, ‘The Sun Has Got It’s Hat On’ and ‘Umbrellas Go Up in the Rain’. We will observe and talk about the day’s weather. Other topics will include sharing, helping to prepare snack, talking about and observing different shapes and sizes of things in the playroom, the concept of ‘full’ and ’empty’ when playing with a collection of containers. We will make a group collage of a large rainbow

In February our main theme will be ‘Transport’. One of our stories will be ‘The Train Ride’ and we will have an afternoon visit to Dorchester train station. We will play with boats in our water tray and conduct floating and sinking investigations with different materials. We will make planes, trains and boats with large box construction and talk about how many children will fit in. We will do junk modeling of different types of transport.


Please send your child in with a towel and swimming costume so that they can enjoy a session in the hydrotherapy pool whenever possible.

Can you please continue to send your children in with wellies and waterproof outerwear on wet-ish days so we can continue to learn and play outdoors. (We won’t stay out if it is too wet!)


There are a few remaining t-shirts and sweatshirts with the D.O.G. logo.  The t-shirts are size 2-3, 3-4, and 5-6 and cost £5.50 each. The sweatshirts are only available in size 3-4 and 5-6 and cost £8.00 each. Please ask Nyree or Carol if you are interested.


The last day before we close for the Easter break will be Friday, 7th April and we will return on Tuesday, 25th April.

The half term break during Summer term will be from Monday 29th May and returning on Tuesday 6th June.

Emergency closure due to unforeseen circumstances

If the Opportunity Group has to close because of weather (e.g. snow in winter) or any other reason, Nyree will contact all parents by phone or text by 9am if at all possible. Please keep us updated with any change to your landline and/or mobile phone number.